Tales of Noobery and Staying Motivated

Noob Sparty

You can do it. The only thing stopping you, is not trying.

Many of you have started watching our stream, taken much of the advice and applied it. You’ve gone from LFR zeroes, to LFR heroes, to normal/heroic raiders, to mythic raiders. I’m proud of that! I’m proud of all of you putting in the effort to improve yourselves. To learn how to research and use resources. To learn how to use Logs to critique your play.

We have a 70 year old grandmother that was a Heroic/Mythic raider. She completed her legendary quest, raid led, guild led. If a 70 year old lady(I’m sure she’s nice), can avoid the fire, so can you.

Tonight we hosted Nohandsken.  He’s a quadriplegic gamer and streamer. We saw him do RBGs today with no hands. I’ve known heroic/mythic raiders, and guildies, that were unable to use an arm and were fantastic raiders. I’ve had players in my guild that were colorblind,  deaf and mute.  A guild and raid can accommodate and still clear bosses.

I’ve seen amazing raiders that were as young as 15, and as old as 60. There is absolutely zero reason you can’t be in that server first mythic guild. When we interviewed Shuttle from Blood Legion a couple months ago, he gave everyone a glimpse into what it takes to be in a guild of that caliber. How much time, dedication, and self-critique is necessary. And the most important part of it? Never stop improving. If you wipe on a boss, if you kill a boss, always see how you can do better next time. Better use of cooldowns? Less damage taken? Could you have made better movement or rotation decisions? Always strive to be better.

And we have our community of gamers and Warcraft players.

We all started somewhere. Warcraft may be your first MMO, or your third. But at some point, we were all Noobs.  We were that keyboard turning clicker. I know I was. I keyboard turned for years, I’ve only recently rebound my last ability – potions!

I want to share these noob moments that many of you submitted:


And you see Death Jesters, a 10 year old mythic raiding guild was full of noobs as well:


While we were all noobs, naïve, ignorant, there was someone that helped us along the way.  Be that person to someone else.  Help build our community.  I look at players that are better than me, and look to always improve myself, as a paladin, as a raid leader, and as a guild leader.

I’ve climbed a mountain when I’ve been terrified of heights. I’ve taught people to swim who were afraid of water on their faces. If you work at it enough, anything is possible.  That’s what I want everyone to get out of this blog and Coach’s Corner.  If you want something bad enough, get it.  Start somewhere, work hard, make mistakes, learn, and improve.  You’ll reach that goal.  Just don’t forget to have fun on the way.  It is a game after all.


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