About Sparty

About Spartysmallwood

Who is Sparty?

Sparty has been the Guild Master of Death Jesters since forming the guild January 27th 2005. Members of Death Jesters have defeated every boss while it was current and have achieved high world and US rankings throughout their raiding history.

He plays a paladin on Stormrage US and primarily plays a Holy Spec.

He is the owner of the only Corrupted Ashbringer to ever have dropped on Stormrage.

Sparty streams regularly on Twitch where you will see him raid leading either his Guild or his viewers in current content. He does a weekly Scotch Hour segment where he does a laid back transmog and story-time stream. And most importantly Sparty does a weekly Sunday segment titled Coaches Corner where he covers guild, class, and leadership topics. Building a community, one heroic raider at a time.

In real life Sparty has science degree in Psychology, works for the Red Cross and Livesaving Society in Canada, teaching first aid, trains lifeguards, trains students on how to teach and motivate.